Competence, reliability, experience
for 10 years

Our goal is to give every student more success at school with an individual learning plan. Of course, this includes better grades, but also the teaching of learning techniques, self-confidence and the fun of learning.

About the learning center

We are an independent, owner-managed company. On the market since 2009, we have been operating under the “Learning Center Schwerin” since 2012. As a recognized provider of learning support, we are a partner of the city of Schwerin in the implementation of the Education and Participation Act (BuT)

Our projects

As a facilitator of learning and companies in Schwerin, we have been supporting diverse social projects at schools in Schwerin and in the region for eight years.

Our basic principles are cosmopolitanism towards people from other countries, tolerance and respect as well as trusting cooperation and integration of people from all cultures in Schwerin. Therefore, the learning center has supported various prevention and language projects in schools and classes that have a high proportion of foreign students.

For example, the learning center donated various educational learning aids such as the educational learning case in German. Grammar learning games, vocabulary cards and audio CDs with texts and songs support the lessons. In addition, the Learning Center in Schwerin financed various dictionaries in order to quickly learn the German language or to develop social skills.

Another concern is the strengthening of social skills. Therefore, the learning center supported two prevention projects at the Bertold Brecht Integrated Comprehensive School with the projects “Dispute Mediators” and “School Medical Service”. One of the goals of both projects was to work together with students from other countries and to take on responsibility.

For many years the learning center has been a partner of the student company of the Schwerin vocational school for business and administration.

Last but not least, we are also looking forward to a successful graduation with our students and therefore regularly sponsor high school celebrations.

We support

The learning center is sponsored by Lizbeth from Bolivia. As part of the “Girls need education” project from Plan International, we support school education and look forward to regular reports from our sponsored child.

The Team

Ralf Kuchmetzki

Management, exam preparation history and social studies

Annika Kuchmetzki

Public Relations, Marketing

Forogh Foghi


Karla Below

German, Russian

Nataliia Fylypenko


Elke Lindemann

Mathematics, Physics

Alla Polishchuk


Astrid Rose


Eberhardt Rödel

Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy

Roswitha Wiencke


Anke Altmüller

German, Mathematics (elementary school)

Johannes Mayer

Mathematics, Physics and Music

Julia Hartke

German, English

Eman Al Masri

German, Mathematics (elemantry school)

Saber Darabi